Language- my passionate & back bite from an old friend !!!

On a rainy day of August…
Tonight, joining a birthday party of a friend. It is his birthday, also ending day in his job.
Firstly, he picks me up to the restaurant. On the way we come there, i think that our group is there (we have a group with 6 people), and he also says that except me, all people were there already. Opening the door of the room, i feel amazing with almost Chinese (his colleague) :3 :3 :3, and except me and him, our group isn’t here. Just say Good evening with all people inside the room, and receive their rep “ní hảo”. I smile, just forget to say “ní men hảo”, which i imagine so many times if i see Chinese. We talk about something by translating from my friend. I wish they could speak English to talk with them more. I see a Vietnamese lady, who is colleague of my friend, she can communicate with them by Chinese. This situation make me miss the time when i was still there.
That time, i spoke, joking with my colleague by English – my favourite language. You know the happy feeling when you use your knowledge to apply for your life, your job. It is special feeling that you can’t have in another situation.
We go to Karaoke, they sing Chinese song. Actually, i like Chinese, i mean language, but i don’t like their people. I’ve studied Chinese for a month by myself because of a Chinese song. Now i really want to try, want to sing a simple Chinese song like Tong hua or Peng you, but not have pinjin on the screen. So i move to sing Vietnamese song…. Language is sometimes so special, it makes you feel good when you use it with other, and sometimes it make you admire another when you hear they are speaking. I don’t know when i have the passionate with foreign language. But it exist in my mind for a long time. I wish i could same Ho Chi Minh who can speak 7 foreign language. Be admired him….
Happy birthday my friend. I wish you would have a strong health, a good job and a happy life. Coming your home with happiness and successful. Sheng sheng huai le 🙂 🙂 🙂
In the room, i read a post from my another friend. She says :” the people i don’t care much suddenly be good with me. And the person i always think he is my best friend, i share and tell everything with is backbite me”. Actually i know those who in her sentence, so i feel disappointed with him. He was a friend i believe, so was she. But when i left, his story was told more and more. Actually, if she didn’t say on her wall, so that i didn’t know about his backbite, i would feel more comfortable. It makes his imagine in my eye is good, is nice like before.
We were friend, why you can change so quickly. Hoping that everything is same yesterday, to let your imagine in our eye, in our heart is always perfect. I thought that your speech is truth “even bad with another, i am always good with You” and always hope like this. Our friendship is only like this, I wonder why you change so quickly….
Anyway, wish you happy with new friend there. We was close, even if you change, it is still a nice memory in our heart. Take care.

New story – new plan

Tôi đang có dự định viết một chuỗi những cuốn truyện dài viết về những con người xung quanh tôi, những người tôi biết. Đó là những câu chuyện tình yêu của một cô gái hiền lành, giỏi giang nhưng bất hạnh, ở đó bạn sẽ thấy khi yêu người ta suy nghĩ về rất nhiều, nhất là đối với những người nhạy cảm như cô ấy. Đó là chuyện tình của cô gái giỏi giang nhưng gặp phải một ông chồng lăng nhăng, chính hoàn cảnh ấy đã cho cô khát vọng sống nhưng cũng làm cho cô trở nên lạnh lùng và sống vì vật chất nhiều hơn là tình cảm. Đó là tình yêu mãnh liệt nhưng lại bi ai của một cô gái theo Thiên chúa giáo và anh bộ đội đặc công với sự nghiệp, tương lai đang chờ phía trước. Hay câu chuyện của cô giáo xứ Thanh như một Trịnh Vy của Tân Di Ổ trong chính tác phẩm của tôi.

Tôi muốn rất nhiều, rất nhiều. Tôi hi vọng ước mơ khi còn là một cô nữ sinh cấp 3 sẽ thành hiện thực – trở thành một nhà văn nghiệp dư nhưng đầy chuyên nghiệp. Hi vọng những bước khởi đầu sẽ tốt đẹp và dễ dàng đối với một tác giả nghiệp dư như tôi.

Câu chuyện đầu tiên là chuyện tình 6 năm của một cặp đôi, kết thúc là cô gái đi du học và kết hôn 1 năm sau đó. Ai cứ bảo yêu là phải cưới. Yêu nhưng chưa chắc đã đến được với nhau….


December 4th 2015

December 4th 2015 !!! The first day that i use WordPress. Maybe, it will be another my blog account on internet.

Having something happen to me today.

The first, my Boss teach me something that before i never ask her. I don’t know why i rarely ask someone like this, maybe i scare. She said that Boss always like the staff who active and ask and ask if they don’t understand. After, cause i not yet finish my job so she suggest to take my job and will work in her house. Feeling happy and thinking that she is a good person. 🙂

The second, my colleague shows me how to use Excel to support for my work. During talking about Excel, she teach me also about Japanese. Oh, she is so cute and the first time i see she is really very nice lady from time i work in here.

The third, my new colleague, also my new friend here want to leave her position. She says that she is stressful with her job, but why i don’t see like that, i wonder. She says that my boss is not so good with her and some another colleague. Actually, i see she behaves with almost her staff like that, and while another can help, why she can’t. She say that my boss is not good with only her and another one lady.

The fourth, I and another new my colleague – my friend have a plan to travel to Da Lat on next 2 weeks. So expect for this event, 🙂 . It is my hope, my dream – is to travel anywhere i like, come to any landscape i want, experience with my Youth. I see some picture about Myanma, actually i want to come here immediately. (My old BF already came there and visited some pagoda there, as his speech – he liked visiting pagoda so much). Maybe, he is going to come back his home this weekend, as my guesting. I wish i could see him the last time and after we completely finish every relation.

The fifth, Talking with a lady- a student in university about life, about hope and about Youth make me so full of power. I just wake up my power inside me. If i had came to the student period again, i wouldn’t have been Ahn now – been another  Ahn – more confident, more active, more and more thing that now i don’t have – I swear.

The last, tomorrow i can received my salary. Oh, my life is bloomed. I am confusing if i should buy a new cell phone 😦 . It take much money, :((( . But it can support me for my dream – take a picture where i let my foot on.



I miss you … with someone are sleeping with his voice from his mouth. I hate you also. When you will come back your home, possible let me know and let me meet you the last time. ???????